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  • Dream come to life

    We used Oren’s services for our dream trip to Israel.  He made our dream come to life! 

    He had terrific insights at all of our planned stops.  Plus he added appealing new places to visit 

    that our research had not uncovered. 

    As we drove all over the country,  he enlightened our conversations with fresh details about the culture, history and modern life in Israel.

    The best part is Oren made it all simple, engaging and stress free. 

    I would enthusiastically recommend his services and happily use him again.

    Nov 2018, Ann Jacobs & Stan Adler, San Francisco, USA

  • "Better late than never! Right?!"

    Dear Fellow Travelers,

    We wouldn't be so presumptuous to say that this Gentleman "found his calling" in platinum tour guiding, or in historic interpretation, or in comedic entertainment, or in intuitive humanity, or in instinctive navigation,‎ or in spiritual leadership, because all of these qualities and more would serve Oren well in any profession, but we ABSOLUTELY say that we're super-glad we found each other!

    Oren quickly (like in 10 seconds) got us past the embarrassing fact that it took us 55 years to make our first and certainly not our last trip to Israel.

    "Better late than never! Right?!"

    It can't be our last, because with SO much upside to touring with Oren, there one significant downside: ‎He only does Israel.

    It's an understatement to say that we wouldn't want to tour Israel without Oren, because he's spoiled us rotten (not an easy feat), so we don't want to tour anywhere in the world without him.

    Emet‎ on Oren: He pushes or pulls and goes deep or shallow at all of the right times, he arrives early and stays late, and "gets lost" with or without you, sticks to or strays from the plan, as you like. 

    ‎Little things mean A LOT: Only a mensch of the highest order would mysteriously customize the in-vehicle snack selections, including the basic local beer that we were on-a-mission to find. 

    Big things matter too! When he'd take us right to the limit of our lazy sedentary physical capacity‎, he'd put both palms out and say: "You stay here and I'll be right back with the car in 10 or 15 minutes!" 

    Coordinating many moving parts in the background shouldn't go unnoticed or unappreciated:

    From ‎making time to check in by phone and in person with our angels from Mabat, to keeping the secret and making our 30th anniversary vows happen at The Davidson Center (archaeological park at the corner of the Western Wall‎) with the gift from dear friends back home of PERFECTLY CHILLED Veuve Clicquot. 

    Todah rabah sir, for making this note so easy to express, and for making our first homecoming all of that!

    With most profound kavod,

    May 2018, Lucy & David, Scarsdale, NY, USA

  • Don't see Israel without Oren

    I know, I know.. it doesn't sound good, but this is a copy-paste review from TripAdvisor (including the title):

    Hard to know where to begin-except that to say 2 weeks in Israel with Oren was beyond EXCELLENT! We were 2 couples, new to Israel. Our trip was elevated 10x by having Oren as our extraordinary guide! From the moment he picked us up at our hotel-ALWAYS on time-we knew our time spent with him would make our trip. Our van wax exceptionally clean, stocked with snacks and water, Wi-Fi-a speaker to make his voice heard-and very comfortable! Although we had an itinerary, Oren arranged our time to maximize sites, knew how much time to spend staring at a mountain (you know what I mean) took care of any missteps-like a mix-up in hotel rooms, etc. He knew the best, authentic, clean places to eat, hang out, when to rest, when to move, etc. He SIMPLY TOOK CARE OF US IN EVERY WAY! He made sure we experienced far more than our itinerary-beyond our dreams. I could go on and on, and knowing Oren, he would love it. But for now, I can say that none of us would return to Israel without Oren by our side! Just contact him-you will have experiences that you have only thought of-he has an extraordinary network. Oh, and after we had departed, and there was a mix-up in our schedule that had nothing to do with Oren-he took it upon himself to leave his family to take care of us-unbelievable! We have the highest regard and praise for this man. Thank you, Oren-for showing us your wonderful country-Israel!

    April 2018, Linda & Lary Reib, Sacramento, USA

  • Me, the K's and Mabat

    We were fortunate to have Oren Sollel as our private guide for eight days of our recent journey through Israel.  Oren is very knowledgeable and gave us a thoroughly delightful experience.  

    Going in, we were somewhat apprehensive about spending over a week in close contact with a stranger.  But Oren is a very comfortable guy to be with.  He’s neither too intense nor too laid-back, he’s an easy conversationalist, he has a fine sense of humor, and he invariably seems to be in a good mood.  

    He’s also very flexible and very responsive to his guests’ likes and dislikes.  He’ll begin throwing out ideas for improving the travel experience as soon as he picks up on what his guests do and don’t go for.  He’s also very reliable and very attentive to all the details of our itinerary.  We’re pretty experienced travelers and are used to handling details on our own, but it was great to have Oren around to handle that stuff and let us relax and enjoy our trip, knowing we were in good hands.

    It also became obvious to us that Oren has an impressive set of contacts around Israel.  From time to time he set up meetings with some of those contacts, enhancing our trip all the more.

    Our comments about Oren wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how he came to be our guide.  We planned our trip with David Bellin and Lindy Ganon at Mabat Platinum Touring Company.  Mabat fixed us up with Oren.  A perfect match all around.  Mabat did an outstanding job planning and organizing every last detail of our trip, and personalizing it in ways they understood would appeal to us.  And they were always available to us throughout our trip in case we had questions or wanted to make changes along the way.  There was never a moment when something didn’t go right.

    We would wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Mabat and Oren to anyone traveling to Israel.

    Wayne & Lenore K, Chicago, IL, USA

    April 2018, Wayne & Lenore K, Chicago IL, NY, USA

  • Mother and Daughter

    Mail sent to the travel agency Mabat Platinum:

    Good morning Esther.... 

    I wanted to take a moment and thank you and David Bellin for a wonderful trip.  We worked with you thru our NYC travel agent Anita Brown.  
    From the moment we landed in Tel Aviv, ( 11/1/17) Mabat took over.  Your expeditors upon our arrival and departures were terrific.  They were extremely efficient and clearly knew the ropes.During both arrival and departure, there were easily more then 700 people going through security in each direction.  My mother and I were beyond thrilled that we did not have be part of the "other" process!!   Our trip was further enhanced by our tour guide Oren Solell.  Oren  was outstanding.  Mabat could not have selected a better guide for us.   Oren is incredibly knowledgable and an absolutely lovely person.  He easily establishes rapport with his clients and quickly figures out "his audience".  He then adjusts his vast knowledge to his audience.  We so enjoyed being with him as we traveled thru Israel.  He brought so much to our trip.   I also want to thank you personally.  Throughout the trip, i always felt that if there were any problems at all,  i could easily reach out to you for answers.  You were very available and very "on top" of our itinerary as we moved through Israel.  On the whole, our trip was outstanding and i believe it was because of Mabat!
    We will be back to Israel and will only work with Mabat.  My sister and her family will be coming in the next year and will surely work with Mabat.   Please feel free to refer others to me if you need any recommendations.
    Thank you again for everything
    Louise Levy

    November 2017, Louise Levy, NY, USA

  • The Fisher man & woman

    Dear Oren,

    We really enjoyed being with you! You are great at what you do!

    Yo gave us a terrific education on places & things we never knew before.

    We are serious about opening our homes to you and your  family  any time!!

    We are family now!

    November 2017, Cathy & Stepehn Kuper, Huston TX, USA

  • Mother and Daughter

    Hi Oren,

    Thanks so much for your kind note and for a fantastic week. We had a wonderful time and my mother really enjoyed herself. You helped to make this a very special trip for us. I will send you and email when I am home to get connected to your newsletter. 

    All the Best and thanks again!!

    November 2017, Rachel & Mimi Pollock, UK

  • Wild week


    Thank you for making our trip to Israel a truly incredible experience and so "Special".

    You are the best (They added 2 hearts, but I couldn't find a way to put it in... just use your imagination...).

    October 2017, Dawn & Barry Lesitner, NY, USA

  • The trip of a lifetime!

    We recently got back from a 2 week vacation to Tel Aviv, Jerusaelm and various sites in the north.

    We can't say enough about working with Oren. Our agenda was so well planned (and it even included a few surprises along the way).

    Oren picked us up every morning at our hotels, was attentive to every single detail and went over and beyond each and every day. (Including a full tour to every Super Pharm in Israel so we can care for our daughter's bee sting).

    Oren's knowledge about all of the sites was perfect. He was able to read our minds and knew when it was time to move on or if we needed to spend additional time at any one location.

    We miss him dearly and look forward to our next visit to Israel. Next time, Oren, let's just make it a food and wine tour!!! (this guy knows all the right places to eat!)

    August 2017, Bari Cohen and John Malandruccolo, USA

  • Maccabia Games

    Oren -

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a pleasure riding with you and getting to know you over the past couple of weeks. Your kindness, knowledge, insight and witt were greatly appreciated and truly made our visit all the more pleasurable and meaningful.

    We wish  you and your family well


    Pam & Bob

    August 2017, Pam and Bob Schumer, USA

  • Crazy Hot Day

    Firstly may I say that over the years and on many travels -  we have had numerous guides.  
    OREN was perhaps the finest we ever met .  He was friendly articulate FUNNY
    Thoughtful and perfect in every way.
    Thank you for that.

    July 2017, Michael Arnold Vitelli, USA

  • Father and Daughter

    The Father:

    Thank you for an excellent tour on Tuesday.
    We were very pleased that the Hotel recommended you.
    We wish you good luck and  we will send Clients to you if we can.
    yours sincerely, and many thanks from
    Robin Harries

    The Daughter:

    Bethlehem and the Dead Sea all in one day. His car was very clean and comfy. Oren accommodated my needs and questions, as well as my 80 year old father's. He knew the answers to everything and tailored the day to our requirements perfectly.

    June 2017, Robin Harries, Oxford UK

  • 2 great weeks

    We recently came back from 2 weeks in Israel and had a fantastic time. We were fortunate to have Oren as our guide and often commented that we couldn't imagine going to Israel without a guide, particularly Oren.

    Oren has a bountiful amount of knowledge about the history of Israel, the archeology of Israel, where to eat (fun places that were easy and delicious), how to get around ( I would never recommend driving in Israel without help) and where and when to go to museums, important destinations, and fun facts about everything from food, to politics, to entertainment.
    We would recommend Oren to anyone going to Israel and we intend to go back and once again hit the road with Oren to all new places perhaps bringing along other family members. Thanks Oren for a great trip!

    May 2017, Amy Marcus, USA

  • The Ozzie bunch


    Thanks for your messages and thanks for everything, especially your knowledge and sense of humour!
    Jackie, Chad & Cassie

    Hi Oren

    We're home - VAT & VIP all went well& all the flights!
    Thank u again for showing us the best taste of beautiful Israel!

    May 2017, Jackie Bobrow, Australia

  • Art & Mike

    We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Oren whilst on our trip to Israel.  Oren took us to Jerusalem for a day tour and he exceeded our expectations! He was very thoughtful in planning his route and offered plenty of historical facts that helped carve out lasting impressions about Jerusalem and Israel.  We particularly loved Jerusalem's underground tunnel tour that he helped organize and the special trip to try local humus from one of the market vendors.  He even took many photos of us to help preserve the memory of our visit.  Highly recommend. Thank you, Oren! Toda Raba!

    Art and Mike.

    August 2016, Art & Mike, USA

  • 3 generations (Second timers)

    Dear Oren:

    We have been home a little over a week, and Israel feels like a dream- it seems so long ago already.

    Thank you again for an extraordinary voyage- it was a trip of a lifetime and I will forever cherish my time with Lara and my Mom, enhanced of course, with YOU, as our wonderful guide.

    Our last day, Saturday was terrific. It began with a visit to the King David Hotel (where we did our last formal bathroom inspection- we gave it a B+- Mamilla was nicer…) and then we took a walk to the Arab Market where, we took our time shopping and exploring.  We had a marvelous dinner at Chakra.

    Thank you again and thanks for your kind offer about bringing us something from Israel when you visit here in the Fall.

    We will certainly keep that in mind.

    Please let me know when you plan to be in NYC- perhaps we can meet up!

    All the best to you and your family.  Thank you again.

    July 2016, Barbara Innamorati, USA

  • 3 generations and a Bar Mitzva

    In case we havent told you, we feel we were very lucky to have had the pleasure of you  to teach us and to let  us  experience  the beautiful  country of Isreal.  

    Without you the experience  would have been very different.  

    Your abilty to adapt judge and react is very unique and people need to be made aware of what value you can add to their  trip and what you have done for our trip  and our memories.  

    No doubt we will stay in touch: Terry  in a few months, me in a few more months and Amy as well.

    Thank you very much we will write you a testimonial  for your  website  and will advertise  you in the cookbook as discussed.  

    Let me know if you  need anything  specific you would like us to write,

    Keep well and kind Regards

    December 2015 throguh January 2016, Russel & Terry Diamond (and the whole gang) Sydney, Australia

  • October 2015 (NOT) Risky Business

    Mail sent to Mabat Platinum Tour Operator and was later sent to me:

    Hi David,

    I just wanted to give you some feedback on our recent trip to Israel through your company, Mabat.

    My cousin and I went on this trip to Israel – – it was our first. Between us we traveled the entire world --Africa, Asia ,the South Pole, South America, Europe – – you name it and we've been there. But this trip ranks as one of our favorite ever.

    When we landed in Israel, all of the trouble began between the Palestinians and the Israelis. To be honest, as you know, we were a little bit worried. As it turns out I could not have felt more comfortable and more safe in this country.

    First, Isreal itself clearly takes care of its people and the contrast between the United States, where there's plenty of trouble, and Israel is incredible. But I think the real success of a trip came from our guide, OREN.

    Just to start with safety and security, Oren is constantly on the phone or his Internet following up with all the news of the day and making sure that he made adjustments in our itinerary as necessary. He talked us about what was happening, where it was happening, and explained what the country was doing in response. We were right in Jerusalem during all the trouble and we saw everything without boring from one second about our personal safety. If you just read about this in the news you get a completely false representation of what's really happening. In actuality, I'm positive that there's less trouble going on here then there is in our hometowns --Chicago and Baltimore.

    Of course, our trip was not just about the trouble. Oren made sure we had the most remarkable trip imaginable. He showed up at night when he wanted to take us someplace that wasn't on the itinerary, he transported my cousin's nephew ( who lives in Israel) when he needed a ride--he stayed with us if he thought we needed a local escort after hours… just gave it 100% every day all day. We got an incredible historical and actual perspective of the country. It was a perfectly planned trip and I would not have changed a thing.

    I waited 62 years to get here, and I can't even contemplate that I almost changed ( and missed) this trip of a lifetime because of my perception of the trouble in this country. While the situation is horrible and upsetting as a human being, it was a non-issue as far as our security and in fact was very helpful in understanding the political dynamics that Israel faces.

    If any of your future clients want to email me with questions I hope that you will refer them to my attention. Also, I hope that you will assign Oren to anyone coming if he's available because I can guarantee they'll have the best trip.

    Thanks again, 

    October 2015, Karen Williamson and Lori Zazove Israel, USA

  • September 2015 Rocks around the clock

    Hey Oren,  

    What can I say?  You hit the high mark all day, everyday on our journey through Israel!!!  

    For 5  FULL days you brought us to Israel and Israel to us.  Your knowledge, skill, humor, patience, and sense of adventure are exceptional.

    Not only did we get to visit the places that we had always wanted to see in your country (for me it was archaeology; rocks and more rocks,lol) but once you got to know us better-our likes and dislikes, you fashioned our tour with some wonderful surprises, that as you had thought, turned out to be a couple of the highlights of our trip.

    We will always happily remember this trip and will enthusiastically recommend you as the "go to" guy in the beautiful country of Israel.  

    As it is said, 'travel is the best education.'  You made it an adventure.  

    Thank you so much.  

    Warm regards to your family.  

    Be well.  Eric and Bruce 

    September 2015, Eric and Bruce, Palm Springs, CA, USA


    Hey Oren,  

    What can I say?  You hit the high mark all day, everyday on our journey through Israel!!!  

    For 5  FULL days you brought us to Israel and Israel to us.  Your knowledge, skill, humor, patience, and sense of adventure are exceptional.

    Not only did we get to visit the places that we had always wanted to see in your country (for me it was archaeology; rocks and more rocks,lol) but once you got to know us better-our likes and dislikes, you fashioned our tour with some wonderful surprises, that as you had thought, turned out to be a couple of the highlights of our trip.

    We will always happily remember this trip and will enthusiastically recommend you as the “go to” guy in the beautiful country of Israel.  

    As it is said, ‘travel is the best education.’  You made it an adventure.  

    Thank you so much.  

    Warm regards to your family.  

    Be well.  Eric and Bruce 

    September 2015, Eric and Bruce, Palm Springs, CA, USA

  • August 2015 - 3 short (great) days

    Hi Oren!

    I hope all is well with you and your family.  I wanted to thank you for being a wonderful, entertaining and patient guide.  I know my crew was tough, but I want you to know that I left them on the rooftop pool at the Ritz for the last 3 days of our trip and wondered around the streets of Tel Aviv on my own.  I took your advice and went to Sarona which was so beautiful..the market place is amazing and the shops were fun.

    I then ended up at some huge circle with shops all around and met wonderful people and shopped and walked until even I was ready to drop!  I also went into the old city on my own and on my way back I saw the all white German settlement you told us about.

    I told my travel agent to send people to the Bullet factory and Ilana Goor Museum.  Those were awesome.

    Again, a heartfelt thank you from all of us.  We were lucky to have you as our guide.  Stay well and, by the way, it is in the 70's here , sorry to rub it in!!

    All the best,


    August 2015, The Garson family, USA

  • July 2015 - 1 Grandma and 2 happy grandsons

    Hi Oren

    Just a few lines to tell you how much we appreciate the 3days we have with you.

    I had tours with other guides and yours was the best so far. I know it's not easy to cater to  children and grown up. You have managed to show us places that my grandkids and I enjoy.

    Even though we had long drives and long days, you kept your cool. Always kind and professional.

    I am planning to come again next year,this time with some friends. Will love it will you will be available .

    Will let you know when I have the date.

    You can give my name as a reference. 

    July 2015, Mimi and the youngones... USA

  • June 2015 - Jewel of the Yarkon

    Hi Oren,

    We had the good fortune of having Oren Sollel as our guide for our recent trip to Israel in June. During our travels to Israel, Oren drove us as far North as the Golan Heights and Misgave Am Kibbutz and as far South as Eliat. In summary, we traveled the entire country with Oren, who was a wonderful guide and driver. Oren made Israel come alive for us. His knowledge, combined with his engaging and witty manner made for a great first time Israel experience for us. Oren was extremely helpful, and kept us on schedule, highlighting the important sites. We covered a lot, but we always found the pace to be just about perfect. We found Oren to be professional and flexible- he was always on time (in some cases early), with excellent driving skills. We hope to return to Israel in the near future and will hire Oren again. We highly recommend him!

    Barbara and Joe Innamorati

    Westport, CT USA 

    June 2015, Barbara and Joe Innamorati Westport, USA 

    Jewel of the Yarkon - because this is what Barbara does:

  • June 2015 - Slow paste, lots of fun

    Dearest Oren,

    What can I say, you were simply great. On time, incredibly knowledgable and such a pleasure to be with. Thank you. We are sorting through your wonderful and thoughtful collection of photos now with my daughter, Bobbi and we will put an album together. Please feel free to use me anytime as a referral. Hope the kitty and everyone is well.

    Wishing you all things wonderful,

    Sheila Boston and Jerry Glantz

    June 2015, Sheila Boston and Jerry Glantz, USA

  • December 2014 - 2 men & 6 women

    Mail sent to Mabat Platinum Tour Operator and was later sent to me:

    Hi David,

    Happy new year to you as well! I have been meaning to send a note to you - it's been quite hectic since our return.

    Our trip was wonderful. We loved the experience and Mabat coordinated a fabulous itinerary for us.  Oren was great. He made the trip engaging for our kids while keeping the adults interested and connected. He was very knowledgeable and educated all of us in history, geography as well as current events. We asked hundreds of questions and kept Oren on his toes at all times! He was more then accommodating with any changes or additions we wanted to include - in fact adding a few "surprises" he thought we would enjoy as well. 

    Thank you to Dalia as well for our dinner reservations. We enjoyed many of the restaurants and appreciate her help.

    We will definitely share Mabat with friends that will be traveling to Israel in the future. We have wonderful memories of our 10 days in Israel and look forward to our next visit in the future. My girls have already asked when they will be able to go back to experience and see more of Israel.

    Thank you again for everything.

    Warmest regards,

    Robin Golden 

    December 2014, The Golden & Stern USA

  • October 2014 - Guest of the Bera Wedding

    Dear Oren,

    This has been long overdue, but we thank you for such an amazing private tour around Israel in October 2014.

    It is total luxury and VIP all the way, and simply surreal hanging out with the military and tanks over-looking the troubled Syria!  

    Also the hummus joints, arts, museums, restaurants… all amazing and world class.  More importantly, thank you for showing us the complex history and culture of Israel in such sophisticated and entertaining manner.

    We will be back for sure with friends.  Until then please take care and send our regards to your lovely family.

    All the best,

    October 2014,  Vicky & Lincoln, Hong Kong

  • May 2014 - True Treat

    Dear Mike,

    I can't thank you enough for recommending Oren for our trip to Israel. I have copied everyone on this e mail as they may chime in also. The trip to Israel in itself is a trip of a lifetime but to have a person like Oren as our guide was a true treat.

    He is smart, informative, funny, witty, on time, passionate, easy-going, helpful and full of surprises. Oren was an absolute pleasure to be around. We all had high expectations for our trip and Oren exceeded them at every turn.

    Bo and I highly recommend Oren to anyone thinking of coming to Israel; Jew or non-Jew, young or old, any race or ethnicity, small group (2-6) or a bit larger. Oren prepared a trip for us many months in advance and stayed on top of it until we boarded to leave Israel.

    He is a wonderful family man and can converse with anyone. Our sights and experiences were awesome...AND the food, oh the food!! Whether you like to have a dining orgy, or just a casual meal, Oren is your guy and he also learned about a few new places that he'd never been to: Iraqi lunch down the steps in the market from the giant lemons to name just one.

    I could go on and on, Mike. Just know that Oren rocks and deserves 5 stars.

    Thank you again,


    Lenny Sisselman

    Hey Mike,

    I want to echo Lenny's comments.  Oren made our Israel trip truly

    "transformative"!   Without him it would have still been great but with him

    it was awesome!!

    Thanks for hooking us up with him!


    Larry Okuneff


    Glad the group had such a great time – we felt the same way.  Spent a few days with Oren and then a week in a big tour bus.  In hindsight, we wished the whole ten days were with Oren.  Can’t wait to go back.


    Hi Mike

    Linda & I echo all the fine sentiments of our friends.

    Linda will be rating him on Trip Advisor.


    Jay Shecter

    May 2014,  The Siselman Nashville USA, The Okuneff, Nashville USA, The Shecter, Vancouver, Canada

  • April 2014 - Trip of a life time

    Hi Oren,

    We are so appreciative of the time we spent in Israel.  It was a trip of a lifetime.  You are by far the best guide we have had the pleasure of being with in our travels. You are an outstanding tour guide and a terrific person.  We felt extremely comfortable with you. You made a whirlwind of information interesting and memorable.

    Your family is very lucky to have you in their lives, as were we.

    With best regards,

    Mindy and Bob

    April 2014,  Mindy and Bob Cesa, Scarsdale, NY

  • March 2014 - Safe tour

    Our week in Israel was memorable! Oren’s friendly demeanor, knowledge of people, places and culture, his discreet personality and his excellent planning and driving skills made all the difference. We could not have asked for a better guide! 

    Our heartfelt thanks once again,


     March 2014,  Pablo & Silvia Debenedetti, Princeton, New Jersy

  • January 2014 - 7 days, 6 people, 5 stars...

    Our family of six spent 7 days being guided by Oren across the top half of Israel. As well as an extraordinary depth of knowledge, Oren had the rare ability to quickly assess our family’s needs and expectations, and pace our itinerary accordingly. He also took us to wonderful locations off the tourist radar, and was an absolute pleasure to deal with and accompany our family at all times. By the end of our tour, our children looked forward to seeing him each morning. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

    January 2014,  Roxanne Dunkel, Australia

  • December 2013 - Family tour

    Hi Oren

    Thanks so much for sending (the photos)!

    We are still traveling so will get a chance to look at them when we get home.

    I'm sure they will be great!

    Thanks again for everything. We all had a wonderful trip!

    Warm regards,

    December 2013, Lauren Nossel, Scarsdale NY, USA

  • December 2013 - High Tech

     שכרנו את שירותי ההדרכה של אורן לטיול חד יומי בירושלים עבור אורחים מארצות הברית שהגיעו לביקור עסקי בחברת ההייטק שלנו.

    היה מצוין ובידיוק מה שהיינו צריכים אחרי שבוע של פגישות עבודה. אורן ידע לעשות אתהשילוב הנכון שחסר להרבה מדריכים אחרים שעבדנו איתם- מצד אחד לקחת אותנו למקומות המעניינים, אלו שמרתקים את כל מי שמגיע לירושלים בפעם הראשונה, ומצד שני לתת לנו את ה"ספייס" עם האורחים מחו"ל כדי שנוכל לנצל את הזמן להעמקת הקשרים שלנו עם הלקוחות ולא רק להעמקת ידיעותיהם ההיסטוריות.

    הכל זרם בדיוק כפי שביקשנו, תוך גילוי גמישות ובמקצועיות רבה.


     עומר, דצמבר 2013, איירון סורס , תל אביב

     We hired Oren guiding services for a one-day trip to Jerusalem for our guests from the US who came to visit with our high-tech business.

    It was excellent and exactly what we needed after a long week of meetings. Oren knew how to do the right combination that many other guides we've worked with lacks - on the one hand to take us to places of interest who fascinate all who come to Jerusalem for the first time, and on the other to give us the needed "Space" with our guests from abroad so we can use the time to deepen our relationships with our customers and not only deepening their knowledge of history.

    All was "flowing" exactly as we asked, while showing flexibility and utmost professionalism.

     Thank you!December 2013, Iron Source, Omer, Tel Aviv

  • November 2013 - R & R

    Thanks for the great day. If you can send us the photos. It would be much appreciated.



    Thanks so much for taking us on a trip of a lifetime. We were completely blown away.

    Will have to do it again if we get lucky enough to return.

    Best regards

    RichardNovember 2013, Robert Inshaw - Australia & Richard Williams - New Zealand

  • October 2013 - JUST WHAT WE WANTED

     Hi Oren,

    Just looking at all the great pictures you and David took and reliving our wonderful trip.  Deciding to have a tour guide was the best decision we made, and feel very fortunate that it turned out to be you!  You made Israel come alive and took us to places we didn't expect to see.  We loved the archeological aspects of the tour---just what we wanted to learn about.

    We miss you already!!


     Joan and David. OCTOBER 2013, Joan & David, New York, USA


    My family and I have been in Israel for several days now and I couldn't even wait to get home to write this review. I can't say enough about how wonderful our tour guide Oren Solell was and how much he truly enriched our trip. Oren put our needs and expectations paramount above all else and did everything he could to make our experience in Israel an amazing one. He was always on time (if not early). Polite, funny, and tremendously informative and effective in seeking out and giving us all the history and relative contemporary information about our requested sites and destinations. He would take us anywhere we wanted to go and advised us cautiously if he thought it was not in our best interest to go to certain places (only for our own safety). This is my first trip to Israel and I can honestly say this has been the trip of a lifetime and Oren has been one of the main contributing factors to this unforgettable experience. Thank you Oren and Rent-a-Guide for hiring such an amazing tour guide. June 2013, Simon, New Rochelle, New York, USA

  • March 2013 - First time working with Oren

    I am so glad Oren was my tour guide for my first trip to Israel.  He was proactive in learning limitations of the various sites we wanted to visit so that we could plan our day and see everything we wanted to see. He made everything seem seamless, so we didn't have to worry about tons of little things. His knowledge of history colored with his personal experiences kept us engaged. Overall, this led to a very enjoyable tour.  Thanks againMarch 2013, Brian Gold, USA

  • March 2013, Third time working with Oren

    This is my third trip to Israel and my third time working with Oren.  He is an amazing driver and tour guide - very knowledgeable and super flexible.  I recommend him to all of my friends and family traveling to Israel.
    March 2013, Howie, CT, USA

  • December 2012 - To dah!

    To dah Oren! Our whirlwind tour through Israel with you has been breathtaking! See you in 9 days my friend

    December 2012, Sherrie Russ Levine, USA

  • December 2012 - Thank you for your cooperation

    Thanks much for all your help

    December 2012, The elkins, USA

    From Mabat Tour Operator

    After the end of our very busy December, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent proffessional service, dedication, patience and your capability to solve problems on hand throughout your guiding period.

    You played a major part in the success of the tour and I see you as an alliance in promoting Israel as a main tourist destination, and Mabat as a renowned service probider.

    Looking forward to our future cooperation and to a prosperous year in tourism.

    Zeev Gerstein, David Bellin and all the Mabat Stuff

  • November 2012 - The Girls...

    Hi Oren
    Arrived in New York awaiting flight to Chicago. Thank you for all you did. We enjoyed your expertise and will certainly pass your name along to others. Wishing you much fun with Mike this week
    November 2012, Janet Blum, USA

  • September 2012 - Kind People

    Hi Oren,

    Marianne and I visited Israel in September 2012. We visited with you Jerusalem, North Israel and Tel Aviv.

    We felt soon after meeting you that we have known you for a long time. Marianne and I enjoyed your company and learnt a lot about the past and the present of Israel. You were open minded about what to see and took into account our interest. In addition to the general schedule you had in mind, you changed it to make the visit more interesting and meaningful. Your comments about history, current affairs and politics were fascinating. One cannot compare a private tour to a group tour and we are so glad that we participated in a private tour and in particular in your tour.

    There is a lot to see in Israel and we saw a small part only. Should we return to Israel – and we hope we will – we will contact you and organize a tour with you.

    I sent you photos and if you would like any more photos about what we saw in Israel or other places we visited please let me know.

    We are happy to provide reference about your tour should someone require it.

    In turn we wish you and your family a peaceful, healthy and happy 2013.

    Peter and Marianne

    September 2012, Peter and Marianne, Australia

  • July 2012 - Business opportunity

    Dear Oren

    I enjoyed our Trip very much and look forward to our business cooperation

    All my best


    July 2012, Darren, Ireland

  • June 2012 - The Choi's

    Thank you so much for being so patient with my family and showing us around in Israel. We were so fortunate to get to know you and hope to see you soon.
    Extra thank you for very late and very early ride to airport!
    from "sleepy" Choi family.

    June 2012, Choi Family, USA

  • May 2012 - From top to Bottom

    Dear Oren,

    As I adjust to the time difference and get settled back in NY I reflect on the last two weeks .

    The trip was absolutely amazing.This having been my first trip to Israel, it was everything I had anticipated and more. 

    Your expertise, knowledge and experience was informative , enlightening and  made the trip not only enjoyable but fabulous.

    Your kind manner made it easy to spend two weeks touring with you.I cannot thank you enough for taking me to the 9/11 memorial(which I had no knowledge of). It was moving and comforting at the same time. To know that Israel has acknowledged an American loss after all that the Israeli's have lived through is amazing.

    This was truly a trip of a lifetime. One that has left me yearning to come back.

    If you ever find yourself in NY, please let me know  so that I can show you our wonderful city.

    Again Thanks

    May 2012, Susan Spits, New York, USA

  • September 2011 - Taking care of the Family


    I would like to let you know that Oren Solell acted as a full time guide for my entire family that arrived here from Australia for our daughter’s wedding in September 20 2011 during an entire week. I can only say that choosing Oren as their driver and guide absolutely made their stay a great success. In June 2012 we intended to use Oren again for my son's wedding but unfortunately he cancelled it...and when being on the other side of the equation and having to tell Oren that the trip was cancelled he also acted in extreme good faith and actually didn’t demand amounts of money he was entitled to.

    I can only say that anyone considering using Oren as a guide can do so with total confidence and know they are in both professional and good hands. Just for the record I also want to state that I am in absolutely no way involved in any business venture with Oren, nor am I a friend or acquaintance of his. Everything written above I have written in good faith.


    September 2011, Barney, Israel

  • September 2011 - Family Wedding

    Hi Oren

     Hope you are well.

    We had a good trip back and are more or less over the jet lag.

    It was a pleasure to meet you and having your services greatly enhanced our trip…so thank you again.

    I am forwarding this to Bev, who is the resident photographer and she will send you a few pics, as you requested.

    All the best and Shabbat Shalom


    Hi Oren

    Thank you so much for the exceptional service you offered us during our stay in Israel. You made travelling for us so easy and comfortable. All our plans went off to perfection and we had a wonderful time with friends and family. This was greatly enhance by the touring we did with you. We found you to be extremely knowledgable, interesting and great company. How nice to see Israel through the eyes of an Israeli who could share so much of the history and the culture with us. For Jacqui, at fifteen, it was an ideal introduction, and interesting and varied enough to hold her attention at an age when boys and her peer group are her chief priorities.

    I hope your son has settled well into the new term and that your family are well.

    Best wishes 

    Bev and Colin Tow  

    September 2011, Tow family, South Africa

  • July 2011 - All Over the country

    Hi Oren,

    My husband, myself and my 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son, embarked on a three week to Israel in late July 2011.  I had first gotten the name of someone whom Conde Nast raved about as the "best" travel advisor for Israel. After a brief conversation with her, she had planned a stock trip, with not much room for negotiation, given our interests, with a walloping price tag. Not satisfied, I asked around and heard about Oren from a friend who absolutely raved about her trip with him and her family. Even with such a recommendation, we were a little nervous, as we wondered if we would have the same chemistry, given the significant amount of time we were going to spend with him. Well, the trip exceeded all our expectations, due to Oren's guidance and wonderful companionship. I can't say enough about the trip but more specifically, about Oren. We spent a significant amount of time over e-mail, discussing our interests, what our kids would like ( and not like) and Oren meticulously, carefully and creatively planned a trip, with our input, that was simply outstanding.  It was the kind of trip you would never find with a typical tourist agency planning a trip for you as it included so many personal touches that Oren made happen for us. Additionally, he took us to wonderful places and was able to  enhance our experiences with his extensive knowledge in a way that was engaging and interesting and  his wonderful dry sense of humor kept us laughing. He is a wonderful human being and a fabulous guide and most importantly, can connect with everyone. I can't imagine anyone better! Our memories of the trip will last a lifetime.

    July 2011 Laurie Kaplan and John Bortz, Dobbs Ferry, New York, USA

  • March 2011 - Family Tour

    Dear Oren,

    Thank you so much for a fabulous trip.  We couldn't have experienced Israel any better than we did with you as our guide. Even before the trip you really took the time to listen to our requests. Our whole family loves the outdoors and love to keep moving and we asked to include various hiking or outdoor experiences into our visit.  Highlights for us included rappelling in the Machtesh Ramon, visiting the Bedouins for a homemade dinner in their tent, discovering the miracle of growing tomatoes in the desert on a commercial scale, sunrise hike up Masada, going on an archeological dig in Beit Guvrin where our 13 & 14 year old boys unearthed an ancient oil lamp and an urn, and hiking in the lush Galilee in the rain(!) to a crusader fort.

    You went above and beyond the call of guide when you stayed with us for an extra 2 hours when our Jerusalem apartment wasn't quite "ready".  Instead of abandoning us outside the building while our (inept) landlady cleaned up, you took us on a tour of Jerusalem at twilight ending up at the Mount of Olives where we enjoyed seeing the lighted city from its highest point. You'd been driving since 4:30AM but remained good-natured and helpful throughout.  We are forever grateful for your fine attention, organization and flexibility as our guide.  Any return trip will certainly include an Oren led excursion.

    Joanie Dinowitz& Scott Tashman, Irvington, NY

    March 2011, Joannie Dinowitz & Scott Tashman, Irvingtoon, NY , USA

  • February 2011 - Full Tour

    I spoke with your contact and he spoke so highly of you!

    I’m feeling good – lets move ahead!!

    February 2011, Elana Sanders, USA

  • December 2010 - Famliy Tour all over


    We would be happy to provide a reference.  Please have them call me at 617-699-3756.  Hope you and your family are well.

    December 2010, Atkins Family, USA

    From Mabat Tour Operator:

    Dear Oren,

    The Mabat staff would like to thank you for “a job well done”.

    Your dedication, cooperation and hard woek made this a highly successful December season.

    For this, we say – THANK YOU!

    Do not hesitate to pass on to us any comments/criticism you might have.

    We look forward to many years of cooperation.

    Zeev Gerstein, David Bellin, Lior Mahatabi

  • October 2010 - Wine tour in the North

    Dear Oren,

    We remember a wonderful trip to the North, with visiting interesting but not yet very known places in the Galil.

    I have good memories in showing my friends the land of Israel through  your peronal and very appreciated service.

    Best regards

    October 2010, Menno Paktor

  • October 2010 - HESEG Foundation


    Thanks for the devoted care.

    October 2010, Aviv Bushinsky, Israel

  • September 2010 - 3 Generations Tour

    Dear Oren,

    Many thanks for the CD you sent us which will certainly be included in some form in our Israel album J.  Also you have now totally upgraded with all the little details that one forgets largely due to the numerous stops we made in different places in just 10 days.

    We have really had a smashing trip and all this thanks to both you and Phil who organized it so well. It is a holiday which will most probably be forever remembered with a great deal of emotion and much happiness by those who took part.  Big and small enjoyed it tremendously and each returned with their favourite story about being together in this special land and as a family.

    Let us hope it is only the first of many trips.  May Israel continue to thrive so it can be ready to face the next hundreds, if not thousands of years as a modern and respected nation.

    Take care and warmest regards,


    September 2010 Bera Family, Switzerland

  • September 2010 - 3 Generations Tour

    Dear Oren.

    We are now back in Switzerland, and Phil is on his way to Hong Kong, ALL of us with fantastic memories of our trip to Israel. I know how much time and effort was put into preparing the itinerary, and making all the arrangements (including time slots at the airports!), and I would like to thank all those how contributed to the success, particularly you.

    Hag Sameah, and best regards,


    September 2010 Bera Family, Switzerland

  • August 2010 - coming again

    In January 2007, we toured the north of Israel with you.  We will be in Israel in December of this year as our youngest daughter will be attending Seminary.  Are you available for a two-day trip to the Golan for about December 30?

    August 2010, Dr. Robert Rome, USA

  • June 2010 - Well Done

    Mr Patricio was very pleased with the VIP service you provided for him and his family upon their arrival toTel Aviv on Tuesday. Patricio's parents will be arriving in Tel Aviv on June 28th and we would like to go ahead and reserve the VIP service for them as well. I will send you their flight information and at what hotel they are staying in another email. 

    Thank you,

    June 2010, Jenny Sevilla, Italy

  • May 2010 - Our first trip to Israel

    Dear Oren,

    " Our first trip to Israel was an amazing  and emotional discovery made all the more memorable by having such a fantastic guide as Oren. The knowledge of his country is very impressive and insightful and was combined with his flexibility and adaptability, which allowed us to change out itinerary if there was something in particular which sparked our interest. We would highly recommend him to anyone visiting this beautiful, fascinating country."

    Maria and Elio, London UK

    All our very best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and new year.

    Kind regards,

    May 2010, Maria and Elio, London UK

  • May 2010 - Luxury Tour

    Again, we want to thank you for all your efforts which at times were herculean, but you made our trip truly memorable.

    This Lo, I too want to thank you for making our trip so special!!  We did miss you ( a bit) this morning :)

    Take care,


    May 2010 Lois & Andrew, USA

  • April 2010 - Holy Sites

    My husband Tim and I visited Israel in April 2010.  It was a lifelong dream of mine to walk the streets and valleys breathing in the air of this centuries old kingdom.  We were certainly not disappointed and left with a sense of awe and a little sadness to be going home so soon.  One of our greatest surprises was with our tour guide Oren Solell who was, in fact, more than a tour guide. He was a voice of the past who was capable of taking us by the hands into a time and place long forgotten but still imprinted in his memory. His depth and breadth of all things related to this historic nation, Jewish, Christian and Muslim was unfathomable!  We look forward to a time when we can return to Israel and spend time in country touring with him.  Safety was never a concern for us, nor should it be for anyone in his care.  We highly recommend him and are available for further comments at

    April 2010 Shea Family, USA

  • April 2010 - All over and more...

    Shalom Oren

    Firstly, I am most appreciative for all your efforts to make this a special trip for us. Your patience and understanding made it very comfortable for us to be with you.
    Thank you for the CD , which will be a treasured record of our visit with several "Kodak moments"-I am sure.
    I am particularly appreciative and grateful of your offer to assist Estee.
    Warm regards


    April 2010 Todres Family, Australia


  • March 2010 - From the airport straight to the Dead Sea

    Hi Oren

    Oren was a great guide.  We spent the day touring Masada and then I got to relax in the Dead Sea.  He was prompt, professional and I felt very safe traveling through the country.
    (Note: Howie already used my services twice after this visit)
    March 2010, Howie S., Connecticut, USA

    Connecticut, USA 

  • October 2009 - Around Israel

    Dear Oren,
    We are so happy for you and so proud of what you have accomplished! You are the best guide in Israel, we can attest to that. Your web site is wonderful and reflects your personality and warmth. We consider you a good friend as well. Thank you for your services and friendship. We wish you and your family continuous success and well being . We're missing your picture at this site!  Best wishes, from San Antonio
    October 2009 Lila, Jorge, Liat and Daniela Grosz, USA


  • September 2009 - From Jerusalem to Eilat


    It was great to see you, and really, you are a great tourguide - I've told my Aunt about you (and your fees!) as well as Debbie's parents and they all still want to get in touch with you.  You were awesome - OK - the mayor of Madrid - bet not as much fun as us!!!

     September 2009, Hillary Krepistman, USA

    Atlanta, USA 

  • August 2009 - Business Service

    Hello Oren,

    I am thrilled for you! Mazel Tov. You are a fantastic guide as well as being smart and a nice guy. When I plan a trip to Israel again, you will be the first person that I call. I wish you great luck and success in your new endeavor.

     All best wishes,

    August 2009, Kim White, USA



My Way with business People: The approach and attitude towards businesspeople is totally different from dealing with the average tourist. Not that I don’t respect tourists, but the pressures, limitations, meetings and telephone calls, Blackberry messages and other factors that impact activities – I am well acquainted with all of these, and “steer” tours according to them. These factors also impact on service to customers that employ me as a personal driver during their business trips to Israel. I am aware of changes to schedules, time pressures, the need for unscheduled waiting, picking up documents from point A when the guest is at point B, picking up additional guests and many other variables that require us to be flexible and efficient. All these factors, that are only part of a workday, are clear and comprehensible to me, and I am very patient and try to adjust myself, the route, as well as anything else I can do to improve and enhance visits by businesspeople. In addition, I have “connections” with other service providers, such as VIP services at Ben Gurion airport, that include waiting for guests before they set foot outside the plane, and accompanying the guests through Passport Control and Baggage Claim - until I greet them by the car, and then take them to their hotel or directly to a meeting. I have access to all types of vehicles, such as luxury cars, vans, minibuses and large buses – all according to the required specifications and needs.Another small detail – I am meticulous about the cleanliness of the car, and smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking is bad for our health, leaves a nasty odor and also its residue spoils the driving experience for the next guest. The same is true of cleanliness: the car is always clean and fresh smelling.