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Luxury tours are special tours for people with the courage to try something different, visionaries, partners in discovery, ambitious people who want to know and see things from a different angle – and above all, people with deeper than average pockets.

The concept behind the tours offered on this page is to experience Israel in an unusual and unforgettable way. This can be an arduous walk in the desert at its hottest, and waiting beyond the bend is a table laid out with breakfast that includes freshly squeezed juice, a chef preparing omelets on the spot, sparkling silverware and fans all around; a helicopter that will take us to the top of a mountain to see the sunset; authentic characters that will appear during tours of the country to illustrate events; entry into various sites at irregular hours; a path of candles that will lead us to a romantic dinner; two days away from civilization in the desert, meetings with intellectuals and scientists; field trips in special ATVs or on horseback under the moonlight, and many, many other ideas…